She was raised in the midst of a tropical paradise, but her childhood was not without struggles.  With the love of her family she grew strong, but still her future was uncertain. She had dreams of making a better life for herself and for her mother.  So with great determination she worked hard and achieved entry into a private high school.  At school she excelled and upon graduation was awarded scholarships to carry her across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii all the way to New York to continue her education.

She is here now, but the struggles continue.  Scholarships are fine, but still the expenses are immense.  She misses her family and her island paradise.  She misses the friends she’s left behind.  But luck was with her and in New York she met new friends who became her family away from home.  Her journey has just begun and she still has a long way to go, but I have confidence that she will make it.

At 18, she has already earned the respect of many adults including myself.  With all of my heart I hope she continues to reach for her dreams.   She has already achieved the admiration of so many and holds the prospects of being an inspiration and a role model for other children who have similar dreams.

This young lady happens to be dating my son and all I can say is he’s a very lucky guy to have found a girl like her.

Her name is Precious.  And she truly is precious.



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