Wondrous Child

Wondrous child, born into love,

Nurtured and cared for as you grew.

Imagination was your gift from above,

I did not see the damage it would brew.

Wondrous child, your pure heart shone,

Friends flocked to you and followed your lead.

Until you forged a path of your own,

And others decided to plant a harmful seed.

Wondrous child, it wasn’t your fault,

Their criticism weighed heavily on your soul.

Their teasing left wounds open to the salt,

And in your heart was left a gaping hole.

Wondrous child, you are a child no more,

What strength it took to grow into your own!

A healing of the heart that once was torn,

You valiantly fought the weeds others had sown.

Wonderous child, you are the light of my life,

Know my love for you shall never depart.

Happiness and success has replaced the strife,

The pride I feel for you shines deep within my heart.

Theresa Dodaro

April 5, 2023


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