Before You Say “I Do!”

Do you want a litmus test to see if the person you are thinking of marrying is the right one for you?  Well, search no more because here it is:

  1.  Do your friends and/or family really approve?  Sometimes they see things you don’t.  Listen to them.
  2. How do they handle struggles?  Do they blame others for their own failures?  Do they blame you for their failures?
  3. Are they your biggest fan?  Do they hold you up when you feel like falling down? Do they put your happiness before their own?  (If what makes them happy hurts you, then they’re not the one.)
  4. Are you each other’s best friend?  (It has to go both ways.)
  5. Deal Breakers:  Never accept physical, verbal, or emotional abuse and never trust someone who abuses drugs or alcohol.    Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

two hearts



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