Growing Pains


As painful as it is to watch your child hurt, it would be far more painful to not be able to be there for them.  Life has its thorns.  But it also has its roses.

I would do anything to protect my children, but the truth is, protecting them too much only ends up hurting them in the end.  They need to experience life on their own.  They need to learn to be strong enough to pull themselves out of the pain.  Without setbacks, they would never learn that life goes on and that the sun will shine again.   After all, “For every thing there is a time and a season.”

Life is not lived in moment, it is a long journey.   There will be mountains to climb and stormy seas to sail.  There will be rain and then there will be rainbows.

My child, when looking ahead it is natural to feel the doubts and worries about where it will all lead.  But I promise you, when you get to the end, you will look back and you will think to yourself, “Now I understand and I wouldn’t have wanted one thing to be different.”   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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