Expectations Create Anxiety

Great Expectations

Expectations create anxiety.  When you have expectations for yourself to achieve something, the very expectations that propel you, can paralyze you.  When you know that others have expectations for you, the fear of letting others down can cause you to delay or even abort your goal.

If only success came instantaneously.  If only there were no nights filled with doubt.  If only we could jump over the stress of attempting to achieve and simply arrive at our desired destination.  But the reality is that failure is a possibility and there are no guarantees.  So you have two options, either you don’t try or you do.  The question really is, is not trying an option?  If it’s your passion, then you must try.  So hold your breath, close your eyes, and jump!

http://www.theresadodaro.com   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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