Women and choice, it’s one of the main themes of my novels, The Tin Box Trilogy (The Tin Box Secret).  And yet, I can see that some people would look at me and my accomplishments, or lack there of, and say, “Well, what did she do with her choices?”  I chose a traditional path, there’s nothing ground-breaking in what I have done.  I went to a community college to be a secretary.  Then I got a job in the city and continued my education at night to become a teacher.  Both occupations have been very acceptable for women for at least one hundred years.  When I had my first child, I decided to stay at home with her. I thought I’d go back, but then I was lucky enough to have another child, and I stayed home with him as well.  I got involved in my community and with our school district as they grew up.  I wrote little pieces for the local newspaper and worked as a substitute teacher.  Nothing Earth shattering.  I am a realist and I know that you can’t do everything and still do everything well.  Something falls through the cracks.  You need to be careful, you need to be wise, you need to choose what works for you and your family.  Sometimes the choice you would choose is not offered to you or is taken away from you by circumstances, then you need to choose from what is left.  For as we all know, in spite of the plans we make, life happens.

So who am I to write these books about changes over time and women’s choices?  I have always wanted to be a mother.  My children didn’t come to me easily, this made them all the more precious to me.  I would give up anything in my life, any accomplishment, any material or spiritual gift, but I would never give up the time I had with my children.  What did I do with my choices?  I raised a bright independent creative young woman who will live her life to the fullest and bring changes to this world for the good of mankind and the creatures that walk on this Earth.  I raised a sensitive caring thoughtful young man who will bring happiness into the lives of anyone who shares time with him.  He will heal the broken spirits he meets along the way and bring a sense of community and inclusion to those who feel left out.

I did not go to med school or law school, I did not run for office, I did not break any glass ceilings, and I applaud those women who have done just that or who are still working toward those goals.  But choice means having the choice to do what is right for you.  Whether if it is traditional or innovative, it doesn’t matter.  What matters, is that we now have the ability to make those choices.  So I ask all women to support each other and the choices that we make. Choose understanding instead of judgment. Stay-at-home mom’s and working mom’s are sisters, clasping hands and holding each other up.  Filling in for each other, where holes have been left behind.   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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