The Lineage of Rosalia Lubrano Sconzo

Molo (Borgo) can be found on this map of Palermo.

Rosalia Lubrano was my great-great grandmother.  She crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1902 at the age of 69 and lived in Brooklyn until her death in 1906.  She was born on October 11, 1832 in Molo, Palermo, Sicily to Vincenzo Lubrano and Marianna Calandra.  Molo is an ancient district of Palermo (also sometimes known as Borgo).  This area today is simply part of the City of Palermo.  Rosalie married Gaetano Sconza on March 15, 1852 in Molo.  Her children were Giuseppe b. 1853 d. 1925, Antonino b. 1856 d. 1857, Antonino (Alphonse) b. 1858 d. 1932, Vincenzo b. 1860 d. 1937, Carmela b. 1866 d. 1870, Marianna b. 1870 d. 1941, and Andrea (Andrew) b. 1875 d. 1961.  All of her children were born in Palermo.  All who grew to be adults, immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Brooklyn.

Rosalia’s father, Vincenzo Lubrano was not born in Palermo.  The location of Vincenzo Lubrano’s birth is believed to be the Island of Procida, off of the coast of Naples.  By far, the greatest appearance of the name Lubrano is on this island.  According to documentation from Rosalia Lubrano’s marriage to Giuseppe Sconza on March 15, 1852 in Molo, Palermo, Sicily, her father’s parents’ names were Gioacchino Lubrano and Maria (maiden name is not mentioned in document).  And according to Vincenzo Lubrano’s death record, he was born about 1790.  He died on October 11, 1832 at the age of 42 in another ancient district of Palermo called, Oreto, Palermo, Sicily.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to find Vincenzo’s birth record, but again, we believe he was born in Procida and continue our research in our attempts to discover more about him. 

Procida (Island off of Naples – see Mt. Vesuvius in background of photo.)

The line of Marianna Calandra, however, more than makes up for the lack of information found on the Lubrano family.  In fact, it is so extensive, I hesitate to put it all in one post.  But I will attempt to do so.

In about 1575, a man named Francesco Calandra was born in Castellammare del Golfo, Providence of Trapani, Sicily.  He and his wife, Maria were my 10x great-grandparents.  That is twelve generations from me.  Each person has 8,190 10x Great Grandparents.  Francesco and Maria are two of mine and yours. 

Castellammare del Golfo, Trapani

This couple were the parents of Vincenzo Calandra (b. abt. 1595) who married Antonia.  Their son, Pietro, was born on October 13, 1622 in Castellammare del Golfo.  He and his wife, Giovanna, were the parents of Giuseppe, who was born in 1669.  Giuseppe married Antonia Ciuffo (b. abt. 1675) on October 10, 1695.  The marriage document lists the names of the couples parents and grandparents.  Antonia’s parents were Francesco Ciuffo (b. abt 1649) and Vincenza DeLuca (b. abt 1650).  Francesco Ciuffo’s parents were Gaspare Ciuffo (b. abt. 1620) and Antonia (b. abt 1622).  Vincenza’s parents were Carlo DeLuca (b. abt. 1620) and Anna (b. abt. 1625).

So, Vincenzo Calandra and Antonia; Gaspare Ciuffo and Antonia; and Carlo DeLuca and Anna, are six of my 1,022–9x great-grandparents.  They all lived in Castellammare del Golfo.

So getting back to Giuseppe Calandra and Antonia Ciuffo.  They are the parents of Pietro Calandra (b. 1703) who married Angela Gioia on April 5, 1798 in Castellammare del Golfo.  Angela’s parents were Giovanni Gioia (b. abt 1658) and Vincenza Virdi (b. abt 1662).  Giovanni’s parents were Giuseppe Gioia (b. abt 1625) and Francesca Catalano (b. abt 1635).  Giuseppe Gioia’s parents were Ambrogio Gioia (b. abt 1600, d. 1649) and Leonora (b. abt 1605).   Francesca Catalano’s parents were Giovanni Catalano (b. abt 1599) and Caterina (b. abt 1600).  Ambrogio Gioia’s father was Luigi Gioia (b. abt. 1565).  Giovanni Catalano’s parents were Antonio Catalano (b. abt 1560) and Elisabetta (b. abt 1560).  Antonio Catalano’s parents were Giovanni Vito Catalano (b. abt 1530) and Paola (b. abt 1535).  Giovanni Vito Catalano’s parents were Andrea (b. abt 1500) and an unknown wife.  Andrea Catalano’s parents were Giovanni Vito Catalano (b. abt 1475) and Caterina (b. abt 1475). 

So, Giovanni Vito Catalano and Caterina are two of my 32,768–13x great-grandparents (which is actually 15 generations back).  This is the furthest back I have gotten on any of the lines I have researched!

Back to Pietro Calandra and Angela Gioia.  Their son, Giovanni Calandra (b. abt. 1740) married Maria Rizzo (b. abt 1742) on January 20, 1760 in Castellammare del Golfo.  Maria Rizzo’s parents were Antonino Rizzo (b. abt 1710) and Giocoma Catalano (b. abt 1715).  Antonino Rizzo’s parents were Matteo Rizzo (b. abt 1680) and Rosalia Di Bono (b. abt 1685).  Matteo Rizzo’s parents were Antonino Rizzo (b. abt 1630) and Vita Ragonesi (b. abt 1641).  Rosalia Di Bono’s parents were Giuseppe Di Bono (b. abt 1645) and Francesca Scarcella (b. abt 1665).  Antonino Rizzo’s parents were Matteo Rizzo (b. abt 1600) and Maria (b. abt 1605).  Vita Ragonesi’s parents were Battista Ragonesi (b. abt 1600 in Sardinia) and Maria Corso (b. abt 1605 in Castellammare del Golfo).  Battista Ragonesi’s parents were Alfonso Ragaonesi (b. abt 1580 in Sardinia) and Caterina (b. abt 1585 in Sardinia).  Maria Corso’s parents were Mario Corso (b. abt 1580) and Costanza (b. abt 1585).  Giuseppe Di Bono’s parents were Pietro Di Bono (b. abt 1620) and Francesca Borruso (b. abt 1625).  Francesca Scarcella’s parents were Paolino Scarcella (b. abt 1640) and Rosalia Candela (b. abt 1645).  Pietro Di Bono’s parents were Antonio Di Bono (b. abt 1590) and Francesca (b. abt 1595).  Francesca Borruso’s parents were Leonardo Borruso (b. abt 1600 in Alcamo, Trapani, Sicily) and Vincenza Plaruti (b. abt 1605 in Castellammare del Golfo).  Paolino Scarcella’s parents were Giacomo Scarcella (b. abt 1615) and Francesca (b. abt 1620).  Rosalia Candela’s parents were Antonio Candela (b. abt 1620) and Lorenza (b. abt 1625). 

Sardinia, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

So, Alfonso Ragonesi and Caterina; Mario Corso and Castanza; Antonio Di Bono and Francesca; Leonardo Borruso and Vincenza Plaruti; Giacomo Scarcella and Francesca; and Antonio Candela and Lorenza, are twelve more of my 10x great grandparents.

Back to Giovanni Calandra and Maria Rizzo.  They had a son, Antonino Natale Salvatore Calandra who was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1766 in Castellammare del Golfo.  He died on July 18, 1829 in Castellammare.  He married Rosalia Camilla Vita Giuseppa Camarda about 1785.  Their children were Giovanni Calandra b. 1786, Antonino Calandra b. 1790 d. 1833, Marianna Calandra b. 1792 d. 1874 and Giovanni Calandra b. 1805 d. 1833.

Marianna Calandra b. 1792 married Vincenzo Lubrano.  They were the parents of Rosalia Lubrano.  Their other children were Gioacchino b. 1813, Antonino b. 1814 d. 1855, Giuseppe b. 1820, Maria b. 1822 d. 1826, Carmelo b. 1825 d. 1825, Giovanna b. 1826 d. 1829, Giovanna b. 1835 d. 1884, and Vincenzo b. 1835. 

Now to the Camarda side of Rosalia Lubrano’s maternal grandmother’s family (Marianna Calandra’s mother).  Rosalia Camilla Vita Giuseppa Camarda was born on May 22, 1772 in Castellammare del Golfo.  She died in Molo, Palermo on January 4, 1827.  She was married to Antonino Natale Salvatore Calandra.  Rosalia was their oldest child.  Their other children were:  Antonino b 1773, Rosana b. 1776, Salvatore b. 1777, Battista b. 1779, Gaetano b. 1780, Carlo b. 1781, Carlo Michele b. 1783, Rosaria b. 1790 d. 1865, and Giuseppe b. 1790 d. 1830.

Rosalia Camilla Vita Giuseppa Camarda’s parents were Camillo Camarda (b. 1752 d. 1802) and Anna Ligotti (b. 1752 d. 1794).

Their children were:  Rosalia (the oldest), then, Antonino b. 1773, Rosaria b. 1776, Salvatore b. 1777, Battista b. 1779, Gaetano b. 1780, Carlo b. 1781, Carlo Michele b. 1783, Rosaria b. 1790 d. 1865, and Giuseppe b. 1790 d. 1830.

First let’s follow the Camarda line, later we will follow the Ligotti line.  Camillo Camarda’s parents were Antonino Vincenzo Carlo Camarda b. November 15, 1700 and Vita Arcadipane b. abt 1703 and d. bef 1771.  Antonino Vincenzo Carlo Camarda’s parents were Giuseppe Camarda (b. abt 1680 in Alcamo, Castellammare del Golfo) and Cecilia (b. abt 1680 in Alcamo).  Vita Arcadipane’s parents were Giuseppe Arcadipane (b. abt 1670 in Castellammare del Golfo) and Anna Maria (b. abt 1680).  That is as far as we’ve gotten on these lines.

Now, the Ligotti line.  Anna Ligotti’s parents were Giovanni Battista Ligotti (b. abt 1718 in Castellammare del Golfo) and Rosaria Barbara (Varvara) (b. abt 1715).  Giovanni Battista Ligotti’s parents were Carlo Ligotti (b. June 18, 1679) and Anna Ficara (b. abt 1700).  Carlo Ligotti’s parents were Tommaso Ligotti (b. abt 1655) and Maria Lo Modica (b. August 24, 1658).  Anna Ficara’s parents were Pietro Ficara (b. abt 1675) and Elisabetta (b. abt 1680).  Tommaso Ligotti’s parents were Carlo Ligotti (b. abt 1630) and Maria (b. abt 1635).  Maria Lo Modica’s parents were Giovanni Battista Lo Modica (b. abt 1630) and Angela Santangelo (b. abt 1635).

Carlo Ligotti and Maria, along with, Giovanni Battista Lo Modica and Angela Santangelo are four of my 4,094—9x great grandparents (11 generations).

Finally, we follow the Barbara (Varvara) line.  Anna Ligotti’s mother was Rosaria Barbara (Varvara).  Sometimes the name is written as Barbara and at other times it is written as Varvara.  Rosaria’s parents were Giovanni Barbara (Varvara) (b. in 1680 in Monte San Giuliano, Trapani, Sicily) and Carmina (b. 1704 in Castellammare del Golfo and died on November 9, 1736 in Castellammare.) (Monte San Giuliano, Trapani is now part of Erice.)

Erice (Monte San Giuiano)

Giovanni Barbara’s parents were Giuseppe Barbara (b. abt 1655 in Monte San Giuliano, Trapani) and Rosaria Lombardo (b. abt 1660 in Monte San Giuliano).  The Barbara/Varvara family is believed to have originally been Jewish. 

Rosaria Lombardo’s parents were Carlo Lombardo (b. abt 1630 in Monte San Giuliano) and Maria (b. abt 1635 in Monte San Giuliano).  Carlo Lombardo’s parents were Giovanni Lombardo (b. abt 1590 in Monte San Giuliano) and Bartolomea La Mannina (b. November 3, 1593 in Erice, Trapani, Sicily). 

Giovanni Lombardo’s parents were Francesco Lombardo (b. abt 1560 in Marsala, Trapani, Sicily) and Cara (b. abt. 1560 in Erice, Trapani).

Bartolomea La Mannina’s parents were Giovanni Battista La Mannina (b. abt 1572 in Erice, Trapani) and Caterina Vultaggio (b. abt 1572 in Erice, Trapani).

Giovanni Battista La Mannina’s father was Tommaso La Mannina (b. abt 1540 in Calatafimi, Trapani, Sicily).

Segestan Temple, Calatafimi, Trapani, Sicily
Segesta was one of the major cities of the Elymians, one of the three indigenous peoples of Sicily. The other major cities of the Elymians were Eryx and Entella. It is located in the northwestern part of Sicily in Italy, near the modern commune of Calatafimi-Segesta in the province of Trapani.

Tommaso La Mannina is one of my 16,384—12th great grandparents (14 generations). He may have been a member of one of the indigenous peoples of Sicily.

*If the place of birth is not noted, it’s because it is Castellammare del Golfo and I didn’t want to repeat it over and over again.

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