Hugging Yourself


I have written four novels, and in each one, I sought to heal the child I used to be.  I have been writing posts in this blog for over fifteen years, and through them, I have hoped to help to heal the child in others.  In all those words, I didn’t come close to achieving my goal in comparison to the image that I saw on the “big screen” last night while watching the movie, Rocketman, the story of Elton John’s life.

Near the end of the film, a grown Elton kneels down to wrap his arms around himself as a child after the child asks him for a hug.  My heart ached.  My mind reeled.  Imagine being able to wrap your arms around a younger you, and through that hug, letting that child know that they are loved and that everything is going to be all right.  The comfort that that image gave me was beyond anything I had ever experienced in all my efforts to come to terms with any lingering childhood feelings of hurt.

I urge you all to do what Elton did, and give yourselves a hug.

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