The Power of Letting Go

If you were protecting your child, would you voluntarily give away your power to the bully?  Of course not.

So why do you give away your power when someone bullies or hurts you?

People hurt us in life and we allow those people to continue to hurt us long after the incident.  In doing so, we give away our power to them.  We allow them to affect all areas of our lives for a long time after the incident.  We cringe from interacting with them and allow them to dictate who else we can interact with.

Either we hold in our anger or we express it over and over again and it infects all our relationships.  Old friends may be sympathetic at first, but eventually they tire of hearing the same anger spewing from you.  You find yourself alone.  You blame that other person, but at some point, it’s not them anymore, it’s you.

If you can forgive, then do so.  If not, at least let it go.  Start the healing.  Don’t allow more damage to be done.  Regain your own power.  Regain your own self-respect.  Regain your reputation.  Regain your friendships.

Forgive and let it go.


Theresa Dodaro is the author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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