The Conflict of Perspective

Perspective evokes conflicting emotions.

Standing on a dark street and looking through a window into a house lit by a warm glow,

Standing in the light of a house at night and looking out through a window at the cold dark street.

Looking up at a mountain hiding all that is behind it and seeing only its majesty,

Looking down at a valley and being able to see the wider view of all that is exposed below you.

Viewing the dangerous and wild ocean from the safety of land,

Viewing land from an endangered ship out on an angry ocean.

Being a child who is looking ahead to all the years in front of him,

Being an elderly man who is looking back at all the years behind him.

Feeling frightened and alone in a sea of people who are different from you,

Feeling empowered over someone else because you are the majority and they are the minority.

Being in need of mercy and help from others,

Being the one who has the means to help others and making the choice to help them.

Roles can be reversed and the perspective can change in an instant.   Be a light in the darkness.  There may be someone who is in need of that light.

lantern-1264536_960_720   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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