Two Fathers Reached through a Veil of Darkness and brought Light to their Daughters

two fathers

If you think this is black magic or a joke, then I ask you to pass on reading this post, because this one is not for you.  Last night I had the privilege of being at a small gathering, over which, Psychic Medium, Josephine Ghiringhelli, presided.  It was held at a friend’s house, Leeann, who I’ve only recently come to know.  Leeann invited me to come to a group reading after someone had dropped out.  She had just read my post, “Secondary Infertility”(posted 9/16/14) but it was before I had written the post, “An Old Wish Granted”(posted 9/17/14) in which I talk about a previous reading that I had with Josephine.   Leeann was the only person at the gathering that I knew or who knew me. I had first sat on one couch, but left to go to another room.  When I returned, someone was sitting in my seat, so I took another seat on a chair.  When Josephine arrived, she said that some of the chairs were “too close” to her, so we rearranged chairs and I moved to sit on the end of another couch. Josephine asked for the lights in the room to be shut off and by candlelight she began.  She asked us to uncross our legs and arms, to hold our hands, palm up, and to close our eyes.  She said to think about a memory with the person we wanted to connect with and to invite them to come into our presence.  As I sat there, with my eyes closed, I thought about when my father and I would sit and sing songs from his Mitch Miller albums and I thought about his beautiful voice.  Then a smile spread wide across my face, because I could actually feel his hands in open hands.  It wasn’t a physical presence, it was more like the energy that I knew was him. I know that there are disbelievers out there, so really, if you want to doubt this, this story is not for you.  In my heart, I know that last night I held my father’s hands in mine for the first time since his death in 1979.

On Josephine’s command, we opened our eyes.  I already knew that my father was there, I didn’t need her to tell me.  I do not say that I am a psychic medium, but I have come to believe that I am an intuitive.  I can feel other people, I feel their pain and their sorrow and, if they are open to it, I reach out to them to help heal their pain.  I am not a healer, I have no magic powers, I am just somone who is interested in easing pain in this world.  The room was full of sorrow last night and I knew there were others who needed to speak to their loved ones much more than I did.  So I was willing to sit back and let them connect.  First Josephine asked to address the person who’s house we were in.  She told Leeann that her house had a good energy and then  proceeded to connect Leeann to her loved ones.  Immediately after reading Leeann, Josephine approached me and the woman seated next to me.  As she looked at us she said she had “twins” here. She mentioned “Gemini,” the twins.   I thought about my cousin Peter’s twins, because in 2008 when Josephine read me in a room full of about eighty people, she had mentioned them then too.  But I thought it was too much of a stretch with no other information, so I said nothing.  Then she mentioned that the month June would have meaning as a birthday or an anniversary for the person this was meant for.  I thought of my parents’ anniversary, June 6th (the same date that had come through the last time I had seen Josephine).  But the woman sitting next to me said it was for her.  Josephine brought through the woman’s father and the connection seemed right.  Then Josephine said, “Who is Theresa?  Tom?  Will?” All three she said together without a beat between them. I raised my hand and said, “I am Theresa, my brother is Tom, and Will is my cousin’s son who died crossing the highway and he is the young man who brought my father through to me the last time I saw you.”  (Again, refer to “An Old Wish Granted 9/17/14 for more information.)  Will is a very strong spirit on the other side and he takes every chance he gets to connect.  I hope his father, my cousin, reads this.  He really wants you to know that he is okay.

Josephine said that both my father and the father of the woman sitting next to me were coming through together.  She again mentioned “twins” and “Gemini” but it didn’t mean anything to either of us. Still, I mentioned that Will’s Uncle had twin boys, just in case that was it.  Readings are sort of like a quarter-back throwing a pass to someone.  Sometimes the pass is completed and the receiver runs with it.  Sometimes the receiver fumbles and loses it.  Sometimes it is intercepted by someone else who thinks it’s for them.  A lot depends on the receiver and if they are remembering clearly or if they are understanding what is being asked of them.  But there are other times, when the receiver simply isn’t aware of the connection, and that is what was happening here.

Josephine told me that my father was with me.  She said that he was sending me “musical notes.”  I told her that my father had a beautiful voice and that I had been thinking about the times when we would sing together to his Mitch Miller albums.  The woman next to me said that her father also sang and that he too had a beautiful voice.  Josephine asked the name of the woman who was sitting next to me and the woman replied, “Carol.” Carol was recording the reading and later she told me that she would send me a CD of it, perhaps there was more that my father said that I can’t remember at this moment.  If so, I will update you when I receive the recording.  But soon Josephine left us and proceeded to “read” the other women in the room.  After about an hour and a half, she was about to leave.  I couldn’t let her leave without asking her one questions and she agreed to hear it.  I asked, “Will my writing be successful?”  She said, “You are writing books.  I see a book over your head.  Yes, it will be successful.”

With that, Josephine left the room and the house.  The rest of us started to talk to each other about what had happened and what she had told us.  For example, about one woman who’s mother had hidden a jewelry box before her passing and about another woman who’s husband had left her three notes guiding her to the hiding places of some money he had left for her.  Carol and I started to talk about how our fathers had come through together.  I don’t know what made her ask, but she asked me, “How old are you?”  I said, “My birthday is in October and I will be 56.”  She looked surprised and said, “My birthday is in October and I will also be 56.”  Goosebumps ran up and down my arms. Realizing the slim chance that this meant something, I offered, “My birthday is October 20th.”  She replied in a stunned voice, “My birthday is October 20th.” . . . We were the twins.  Our fathers came through and they told us that we were twins.  Two strangers, who after moving seats several times ended up sitting next to each other by chance.  We could easily have left that house and never have found out that we shared a birthday.  But through our fathers’ will to make sure that we understood that it was truly them who had come through together, we discovered this amazing fact before parting.  After this, we shared more about each other’s lives and started a friendship that I hope will continue.  Before we left, we hugged each other.  Two women, so recently strangers, now bound together by the love of our fathers.  Was this a coincidence?  I think not.   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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