Little Things

Little Things

I used to buy you presents and take you on adventures.  But they say it’s the little things in life that matter the most.  I suppose that is good, because that is all I can give you now.  I visit you and I make sure you have tissues in your pocketbook.  I make sure there is a towel for you to wipe your hands on in your bathroom.  I make sure you have your hearing aid and your teeth.  I put up decorations to let you know what season it is.  I leave you little notes so that you will know where you are and so that you will know where I am, even though you can’t really read them anymore.  I try to bring back some of your memories for you.  Nothing big.  All little things. But they give me something I can do for you.  So I treasure these little tasks.

I watch over you as you sleep.  I cover you with a blanket to keep you warm.  And then I write about my day with you.  It helps me deal with all the things I can’t do for you or with you anymore.  I hope you know that I love you.  I hope it is one of the little things that can still bring you a moment of joy.  This time with you is bittersweet for me.  But I’ll take it. It is all I have left. It is all you have left.  So I will treasure these little things.   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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