A Day of Her Life

A Day in herLife

She spent the day worrying.  She worried about her mother.  She worried about her children.  She worried about her husband.  She worried about her future.  She felt sick with the worry.  She didn’t take the time to go for a quiet walk because she was worried that there wasn’t enough time.  She didn’t enjoy her lunch because she was worried.  She snapped at her children because she was worried.  She argued with her husband because she was worried.  She didn’t move forward with her dream because she was worried about failing. She worried about what others would think about her. Her head started to ache and her stomach tied itself in knots because she was worried.  She lost a day of her life in worry and what did she gain?  Nothing.  What did she lose?  She lost a day of her life.

http://www.theresadodaro.com   Author of The Tin Box  Trilogy

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