The Loudest Voice is Your Own


You stand at the edge of a new beginning.  All you need to do is to take the first step.  What holds you back?  The greatest hindrance to action is the fear of disappointment.  So what is the greatest catalyst in spite of that fear?  Passion.

With each pursuit comes the risk of disappointing oneself or disappointing others.  One nay, somehow outweighs one hundred yeas.  We can either allow the fear to paralyze us or we can step into the spotlight and defy the negation.  We can trudge on and find a new path to our goal if an obstacle is put before us.

We can even choose to not to hear the disapproval of others, but there is one voice that cannot be silenced, and that is our own.  What we tell ourselves is sometimes more destructive than anything anyone else can say.  So imagine that your brain is a tape recorder that is playing its message over and over again.  If the message is stopping you from moving forward then it’s time to record a new message.  The greatest strength comes from within and the loudest voice is always your own.   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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