Standing in the Disaster

Standing in the Disaster

It seems that no matter how many times life kicks you in the head and says, “Wake up, this is for real!”, you still get lulled into the belief that there is plenty of time to do all that you want.   You expect that there will always be time to make things right.  Last night I heard that the child of someone I love is in danger of losing his young life.  In that moment, all the balls that I am juggling, all the plans that I am stressing over, all the burdens that I struggle to carry, all came crashing down at once.  Now I stand here in the middle of it all and look around me as I try to determine what is important.  Like a  hoarder collecting so much junk that I can’t find the treasures anymore, it is time to adjust my thinking.  Time to sift through the garbage that has been loaded into my life and find what and whom I truly care about.  I have so much to be thankful for and yet I waste too much time feeling sorry for myself and tearing myself down.  Life is too short for regrets.

You see, when I write these posts, it isn’t only to share my thoughts with you, it is also to remind myself that I really do know what I need to do.  It’s just that sometimes, I forget.   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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