“It’s All Grist for your Mill”

grist mill

“It’s All Grist for your Mill,” it’s a saying that my husband’s grandmother was often heard repeating to her grandchildren whenever they were going through a difficult time.  Grist is grain. It is raw, rough, and hard, but after it is put through a mill, it becomes flour.  Flour is used in the making of bread, bread that can be used to nourish yourself and others.

We all go through challenges and struggles.  Some are suffered in view of the world, others are suffered in our own hearts and minds.  They are the grist for our own personal mills.  Without these struggles, we never develop true empathy.  Without them, we never learn to look outside of ourselves and build bridges to others.  Without them, we never get to experience the joy of sweet compassion.  Without them, we never get to feel triumph.

When you experience difficult times, don’t leave the bitter grist as it is.  Put it through your mill and use the “flour” you produce to nourish yourself and the world.

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