Closing the Door

Closing Doors

There are times in our lives when one chapter is ending and a new one is beginning.  The uncertainty that comes with the new beginning often makes us leery of completely closing the door behind us.  Although it is nice to think that the door behind us can be left ajar, that we can retreat to a known and comfortable place if the future turns out to be different than we had hoped and planned for, the door behind us must inevitably be shut in order for us to move forward.

We leave a job in the hopes of starting new one, we leave our home and set off to start a new life in a different place, we leave high school for college or we leave college for a new career, we leave a relationship to find out who or what else is out there for us, in all of these cases we have to close the door behind us in order to move forward.  However, sometimes it takes time to do so.  Some healing or some preparation has to take place first.  But at some point, it must close.  The truth is that even if we changed our minds and went back through that door, things probably would not be as they once were, and even if they did remain the same, there was a reason why we left.    Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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