The Successful Mind

The Successful Mind

I once had a professor for a Human Sexuality class in college, she was old and wrinkly, and maybe that’s why I still remember what she said.  She told us that 99% of sex happens above the shoulders, meaning that “it’s all in your mind.”  Watching the New York Mets lose the World Series last night, I couldn’t help seeing that the same is true of success.  If you have it in your mind that you are a winner, you win.  If you lose that belief in yourself, you lose.

This goes beyond sex and baseball.  If you believe, really believe in yourself, you will keep striving for your dream regardless of what others say.  It’s all in your mind and what is in your mind becomes transparent to those who are watching you.  If you don’t believe in yourself, why should they?  They see your weakness, they lose faith in you, and then you lose faith in yourself.

I have had times when I have doubted my writing, my blogs, and now, my novels.  I have worried about what others might think of what I say.  But then I read my own words and I know. I know I believe in my words.  So success, here I come!   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy


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