My Heart is so Full

Can I tell you that there is only so much capacity in one’s heart and that it is possible for a heart to be so full of love that there is no room for anything else?  This is true.  I know because my heart is full.  I met a man, many years ago who was just a boy at the time.  He was so sure, so certain that he loved me.

My Heart

(This picture was taken in 1980 at Montauk Point.  An old gentleman named, Bill, took this picture of us.  He sent it to me a couple of months later.  That was thirty-five years ago.)

In time, we married, and through the years there have been many ups and downs.  But he has never stopped loving me.  We have welcomed into our hearts a daughter and a son.  We watched them grow, we helped them grow.  Every moment, every day, every year as precious as time itself.  The years passed and they are grown now.  We are very proud of them and of the people they have become.  I have lived life, I have loved and I have been loved.  My heart is full.

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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