Daisy Using her Age to her Advantage

Daisy 1

I guess if you live long enough, you get to know what you like and what you don’t like.  Daisy has eaten dry dog food for the past ten years, but this year I started treating her with moist dog food.  She was never the kind of dog who gobbled her food, she ate very lady-like, taking her time.  But she now lets me know when she’s bored of a certain food and wants variety. Some may say she’s spoiled . . . well, maybe just a little.  She now gets a rotation of dry food, moist food, and canned select cuts in gravy.  But today she took the whole Princess Daisy routine a little further.

I bought a new snack the other day, they are little biscuits with “marrow” inside of them.  It seems she likes them and wants me to know this.  This afternoon, she came to me in the kitchen and, with a not so subtle movement of her head, let me know she wanted a treat.  I handed her one of those bacon flavored strips.  She politely took it from my hand and then placed it delicately on the floor in front of her.  She looked at me again and made another movement of her head to tell me that I didn’t quite get it right that time.  I laughed and reached in her treat jar for one of her new treats and handed a marrow biscuit to her.  She took it and gave me a look to tell me that she was happy I was learning so well.  Apparently, she is very good a training me. Then she happily jaunted off to the living room and her bed to enjoy the snack.

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