Antiques and Memories

Antiques and Memories

Perhaps I should have lived at a different time?  Or maybe I just want to go back to my childhood?  Whatever the reason is, I love antiquing!  I am not the high-end antiquer, I am the garage sale/barn sale type of antiquer.  My favorite antiques are items that represent history. They are items that were used at one time that have now been forgotten. They are windows into life at a different time.  Strategically, placing these items around my house, brings me comfort.  But they need to be part of the atmosphere, rather than taking over the atmosphere. As my collection has grown, I have become exceedingly picky about what I buy these days. But still, I love looking!  And when I do find that one item that jars a treasured memory and I purchase it, I feel like I am bringing a piece of me (of who I once was or should have been) home.   Author of The Tin Box Trilogy

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